Ancestral Myths


In writing and recording their myths and legends, our ancestors were pointing us towards higher universal truths. These stories weren’t written as one-dimensional stories created to just entertain around the camp-fire. They were written deliberately as myths to evoke and explain the ancient impulses of the Universe. Impulses that marked certain events though pre-history.

As Creation developed – expanding forever outwards at an immeasurable speed – the universal knowledge contained within the human psyche sought to make sense of this journey. In so doing, our ancestors traced back our collective history, piecing together this truly epic story.

In their own way, they would map the cosmic experience by pulling together the strands of knowledge contained within their very beings – deep within the collective consciousness. It was, then, through these great antediluvian stories – the

myths of old – that humanity would attempt to capture the great Cosmic journey.

But this Cosmic journey was, essentially, two-fold. On the one hand it involved the creation and forming of the physical, material universe. On the other, a more mystical, evolving consciousness.

A History of Cosmic Consciousness

But where we have gone wrong in the great scientific age, is to view these stories purely from a materialistic perspective. In so doing, we unconsciously separate ourselves from the one true impulse in the Universe that all of these stories allude to – i.e. the living consciousness (the mystical) that permeates every corner, every atom of the Cosmos.

Remarkably, however, in this age of soulless logic and reason – of binary black and white science – we still know that this living consciousness permeates everything – even the seemingly inorganic, unresponsive material matter. Not only do spiritual people know this fact intuitively – and have always known it – but science is now beginning to prove it too. Theoretical science and quantum physics is beginning to see the mystical at work. Atoms seemingly behaving contrary to the ‘natural laws’ of the Universe – or proof (the double-slit experiment) that the presence of a conscious observer in an experiment in fact changes the behaviour of particles just by virtue of being observed.

What we are seeing is that every single physical thing anywhere in the known Universe is animated through an underlying and all-pervasive consciousness.

The real question is, what does this mean? Well, put simply, it means that you and I (and every other thing everywhere) is conscious. We are all connected by consciousness in a single field of (as yet unproven) energy. It is our common ancestor that lives with us today. It is everywhere and is part of our great legacy as Cosmic beings.

To Be Holy In Unholy Times

68CFF047-BD15-446F-A4F9-8C278AACF0A0.pngTo be holy in unholy times – a conundrum that requires an Adept to exercise both will and faith (two essential characteristics for growth and enlightenment). Early in the spiritual journey, the Adept will begin to see the World – and other people – as somehow in conflict with their own experience and path.

This realisation begins deep within the spiritual Self. It is a recognition that those around them are on a different path to their own. This creates a seemingly unresolvable problem – either conform to the socially accepted version of reality and the World (which is a lie) or to make a fundamental decision to embrace that which is not the norm.

This step is one of the hardest for the Adept to make because it requires movement away from the pack (where fitting in means adopting the collective mindset and beliefs of the group). It also requires the Adept to embrace parts of themselves (and new modes of thinking) that are considered meaningless, unconventional or worthless to the wider collective.

This conflicting choice is really the beginning for the Adept. It represents a choice that they do not want to make – but will make nonetheless because living inauthentically (as the rest of the collective do) is simply not tolerable.

Once the inevitable decision, then, has been made, the Adept takes their first step on the road to enlightenment and change. It is the beginning of a longer journey towards reconnecting to the Divine Cosmic nature of God.

Over a period of time, the Adept begins to understand their role and purpose within the mind and eye of God – which drives them further into their quest to resolve their inner battles and conflicts.

The Adept awakens to the knowledge that these internal conflicts, desires and primitive urges must be resolved as they prevent them from fully reconnecting to their higher Self. The resolution of this internal war becomes of utmost importance. As the Alchemical changes take shape, the Adept witnesses and experiences the changes first hand. Their pursuit becomes singular. To become Holy – a return to their pristine Spiritual state  

The Alchemical Self

The Goal of Alchemy

The goal of Alchemy is to re-define the inner Cosmos. In so doing, both perception and experience change.

The Alchemical Self

The process of alchemy is to begin to see consciousness as a doorway to higher perception.

The Adept recognises that their own 3-dimensional existence (and all physical existence) is, in fact, an illusion.

This illusion – and their Being – is manifested out of the Superconsciousness of God. The physical World is held together by Spirit – timeless consciousness.

Atomised Consciousness (for ourselves in the physical form) is given meaning through the ‘Mind’ – birthed from the wedding of the physical and spiritual planes.

Alchemy, then, becomes the process of re-connecting to this truth through the dedication to fully realising the potential of The Alchemical Self.

Creation and The Plane of Existence

The miracle of Creation is the conjuring of the impermanent plane – the physical manifestation of Spirit (God) – that is held together in a seemingly ‘solid’ form due to the conscious, all-pervasive will of God/Spirit.

The physical plane, in a single moment of Creation (i.e. the willed expression of the Superconsciousness), chose to manifest a tangible, rules-based system for the sole purpose of creating an infinite and tangible experience for Itself.

As such, we are ‘atomised’ parts of that Superconsciousness perceiving endless moments of experience on individual levels.

The Adept – Reconnecting The Dots

The true student of Alchemy (the Adept) need not understand every symbol or technical aspect of the academic, ‘scientific’ Alchemical process.

The Adept need simply apply themselves to the process of reconnecting the dots and raising their own awareness of consciousness.

The Three Elements of Form

In practice, this means reflecting inwardly, and directly, on the three elements of form – i.e. the Mind, Body and Spirit. Intuition, thought and love-for-the-Self (the Spirit being an atomised part of God) will eventually bring the Adept back to full consciousness and reconnection to Source.

Inner reflection enables the Adept to re-order the inner World (the Inner Cosmos) through higher perception. This eventually transforms perception (and therefore meaning) of the outer World (the Outer Cosmos).

The Mind And The Holy Trinity

The Beginnings

At the moment of Creation, God (Spirit) birthed the physical World (Matter/Body). They were intrinsically bound to each other. The masculine and feminine together. Two forms bound one to the other.

This union (witnessed at the moment of Creation) enabled a second inevitable miracle to occur – the birth of the Mind. The Mind is the child of the Cosmic wedding of the two preceding forms.

Together, these three elements form a ‘Holy Trinity’ of the physical plane where the consciousness of God is manifested in the children of the Cosmos.

The Trinity

God (Spirit) is bound to the human vehicle (Body). The Mind is the creation of its parents – manifested in organic physical form.

They are each bound to the other. Together, these three elements create a 3-dimensional God – a Holy Trinity. A physical embodiment of the non-physical Divine.

The Age of Degredation & Sickness

This Trinity, however, has degraded over time. As a result, we now live in an Age of physical and spiritual degradation. A near-complete disconnection from the Divine and an almost total debasement of Spirit.

The painful truth of this can be seen in the chaos of both the inner and outer Worlds that we inhabit.

The Inner World

The inner World has become a place of ego, arrogance, hate, selfishness, pride, greed, lust, envy and gluttony. It is a World of sickness – of both Spirit and Mind.

The Outer World

The outer World is a mirror-image of the chaos consuming our inner World. Is has become the embodiment of a near-perfect reflection of the sickness inhabiting our Minds.

This sickness has a direct correlation to the state of the physical plane – which, like us, is imploding. Collapsing under the strain of climate change and the death of the environment and ecosystems within the internal and outer Worlds.

Raising One’s Consciousness

To raise One’s consciousness, the Adept must learn to re-tame the Mind. In so doing, the Trinity can again reach its full potential – while the outer-World heals and regenerates as we attain spiritual balance.

The Art of Centering

To be ‘centred’ is to be balanced. And to be balanced is to embody harmony. The road to harmony is the Mind.

Stabilising The Elements

To create balance, One must tame the elements of the Mind, Body and Spirit – like atoms stabilising in orbit.

Transmuting Lower Energies

Being centred is releasing ALL lower dimensional aspects of the Self. This means overcoming feelings such as inadequacy, fear, anxiety, anger, hate, judgement (including self-judgement), self-loathing, guilt, irritation and annoyance.

This is important because the Alchemical journey isn’t just about becoming a better, more refined, more balanced person. It also involves the transmutation of lower energies.

These lower energies (of the Mind) create a powerful negative charge that prevents the other elements (i.e. Body and Spirit) from stabilising in their own orbits.

Neutralising The Negative Charge

Negativity, then, becomes the great barrier to reconnecting to the Divine Self. An impenetrable wall preventing a return to the higher realms.

The lower-dimensional aspects of Self must be neutralised to allow the positive vibrational energy of God (the Divine Superconsciousness of the higher realms) to enter the human mind and directly penetrate the human experience.

Two Versions of Reality

There are two conflicting versions of reality. The ‘Matter-Before-Mind’ Universe and the ‘Mind-Before-Matter’ Universe.

The ‘Matter-Before-Mind’ Universe

The first version states that the physical World manifested itself spontaneously, randomly and unpredictably out of nothing. Following the subsequent creation of matter at the moment of the ‘Big Bang’, consciousness (and the mind) emerged later – purely accidentally – amongst the chaos of the physical plane. This is called the ‘Matter-Before-Mind’ Universe.

Adherents to this view tend to be rationalists. Or scientists (though certainly not all). Or those who believe that God or a super-consciousness doesn’t exist. They are typically people who look at the physical World (and themselves) as random elements of Creation within a functional, meaningless and, essentially, un-loving Universe.

The ‘Mind-Before-Matter’ Universe

The second version of reality, believes the opposite. That prior to the moment of Creation (i.e. the Big Bang), there was already a consciousness at work. This view subscribes to the idea that consciousness is not just an isolated random occurrence that has zero meaning or purpose. Instead, Consciousness (or the Mind) preceded Creation and willed the Universe into existence. This is called the ‘Mind-Before-Matter’ Universe.

Adherents to this view usually subscribe to a more ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’ interpretation of life. They believe that the Universe not only has purpose (as witnessed through its observable mechanical movement of the scientific, rule-driven Cosmos) but that it also has a structural consciousness that connects all things – i.e. an ether or spirit aspect that is as yet to be identified.

Does it really matter which version is true?

It matters because without a more comprehensive understanding of the Universe and the consciousness of the Spirit-self, it is impossible to reconnect (spiritually, emotionally and psychologically) to One’s true place in the Cosmos.

Rejecting the Fifth Element

The rejection of the fifth element of Creation (i.e. Spirit) – which is present in all things regardless of space or time – is really a rejection of the Holiness of the Self.

To rediscover it (and reconnect with it) enables the individual Spirit (i.e. You and Me) to begin the enlightening journey back to the Godself of which we are inherently a part.

The Alchemical journey within eventually brings Spirit face to face with itself. It is in that moment that One finally realises One’s true purpose and place. The futility of ego inevitably falls away as does the willingness to harm any living thing – including Mother Earth.

The Law of Universal Free Will

The purpose of ‘Life’ and ‘Being’, however, is to have free will to decide all matters for Oneself. If the individual wants to reject God (or One’s own inherent Divinity within the Cosmos) then the law of Universal Free Will permits it.

This underpins the purpose of the Cosmic experience – because every Soul is permitted to determine their own experience by shaping their individual perceptual interaction with the external World.

The Super-Consciousness – A Living Energy

The Universe is alive. It is a living, conscious, physical expression of the Great Cosmic Mind – the Superconsciousness.

Matter is directly manifested out of the conscious mind of God. Everything we see, feel, hear, touch, smell and sense is a manifestation of God – and in fact IS God. A part of God. That also includes you and me. We are an inherent part of God.

Cosmic Gods

It is when we feel the truth (and begin to live it) – and when we re-connect to the power of the Holy Spirit (and recognise that we too are a fragment of the Holy Spirit) – can we reclaim our true place as Cosmic Gods.

Within each of us is a Divine Spark. A living, tangible part of the Holy Spirit that is playing out within the matrix – the fabric of the Universe.

Thought – God in Motion

Thought is not just a meaningless by-product of evolution in a benign, unthinking Universe. Thought is PROOF of the Great Cosmic Mind – because it SHOWS that consciousness ITSELF exists. It is also evidence that self-reflection, imagination and intelligence DRIVE the living, breathing Cosmos.

Four forms of consciousness

Human consciousness is not the only form of consciousness to have existed in the Universe. Human consciousness is a unique collection of other forms of consciousness that have AMALGAMATED over time (aeons of time in fact).

This amalgamated Consciousness consists of: spiritual consciousness; mineral consciousness; vegetable consciousness and animal consciousness.

They all derive from the same single source – God.

Whilst the human mind has evolved out of the physical world – it has maintained the unique aspects of each of the other forms of consciousness as it has ascended. This is God in action. Or, more specifically, God in Motion.

Creation & the evolution on consciousness

The Great Cosmic Mind, then, begat the Universe. Since the birth of the physical plane of existence (i.e. tangible matter), the consciousness permeating the physical plane has slowly evolved.

Humankind has physically evolved out of the other kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral), and absorbed each of those individual kingdoms during the long evolutionary journey since the moment of Creation.

That journey involved several stages. Spirit begat mineral. Mineral begat vegetable. And vegetable begat animal.

The Cosmic Wheel

Each revolution of the Cosmic wheel resulted in an evolution in Consciousness. And each shift bestowed a new level of consciousness on the creatures of Creation.

In human history, each shift enabled consciousness to move forward (to ascend) whilst at the same time synthesising the old level of consciousness in the physical World with the new:

1. Spirit begat Mineral.

2. Mineral begat Vegetable.

3. Vegetable begat Animal.

4. Animal begat Human.

All Kingdoms Are Connected

Human consciousness, then, is an amalgamation of its previous lineage (i.e. spiritual, mineral, vegetable and animal).

Tesla Consciousness

The Limiting of Consciousness

Consciousness has been artificially limited. This suits some people (for instance ruling groups within society) – who keep an unknowing and cosmically disconnected population in check.

But the remarkable truth about consciousness is that it is absolutely limitless. Just like the outer Universe (i.e. the external material Universe), the inner Universe (i.e. the internal spiritual plane) has no boundaries at all.

It is in the conscious reconnection with that boundless state that enlightenment can be reached. But a transformation of current consciousness is needed. Such a transformation would represent an evolution in thinking and conscious awareness.

The problem is that the human mind has been restricted. It has been deliberately programmed (through social influences) to operate within a pre-set neural network. A limited circuit that prevents higher thinking or expansive awareness.

Closed Consciousness (Volta Consciousness)

An example of that kind of restriction is the birth of controlled electricity. Allesandro Volta created the first modern battery – that was then taken up by Thomas Edison for his use with the electric lightbulb. This energy was powered by a CLOSED CIRCUIT.

Open Consciousness (Tesla Consciousness)

However, Nikola Tesla created an OPEN CIRCUIT of electricity. The difference between these two inventions was that Volta’s/Edison’s version was limited, controlled and could be SOLD (money and power) – whereas Tesla’s version was potentially unlimited, open and therefore potentially free too.

To put this in perspective, the revolutionary ‘Tesla Coil’ enabled electricity to be sent through the air – wirelessly. The end user being able to use this effectively free, open source energy. Conversely, the battery was a closed circuit source of energy – it’s circuit being tightly controlled and limited to those who could buy it.

‘Tesla-Plus’ Consciousness

Consciousness today has been built on this same principle. A closed circuit of consciousness that provides power to the ruling elite whilst disempowering and enslaving the rest of the population who are stuck in a tightly-controlled, limited circuit of consciousness.

The alternative form of consciousness (‘Tesla Plus’) would redefine that circuit of consciousness. Metaphorically change the connections and nodes and re-define the synapses and electric connections within the brain (the physical motor of the mind)*.

The result would be an expansive, limitless Spirit – driven by a Mind that knows no boundaries. And therefore has no limits.

* NOTE: This is about expanding the mind through INCREASING One’s own AWARENESS. It is not about advocating any form of ‘trans-humanism’ (i.e. re-engineering the body by combining man with machine).

Cosmic Beginnings & The Four Forms

The Great Cosmic Mind

The Universe was created by the Great Cosmic Mind. A surging, singular consciousness that was both infinite and awake.

The Mind – a thought based consciousness of pure energy – determined to create a new kind of existence. It determined to create a three-dimensional World that we now call Creation.

This new physical plane manifested itself out of the growing spiritual mist that became denser over time. Atoms and particles and elements – all finding their way under the new laws of the physical realm.

Birth of the Four Forms

From the beginning of this new dimension (that we all now inhabit), four important forms developed over an epic evolutionary journey.

The first form to emerge was Spirit. It was closest to the Great Cosmic Mind – and of singular energy. In many ways she was, and is, the Great Cosmic Mind.

The second form to emerge was Mineral. It was birthed out of Spirit. Seemingly inanimate, inorganic particles and atoms that provided the physical framework for the Universe to operate.

The third form to emerge was Vegetable. It was born out of Mineral. Organic matter drawing nutrients directly from its predecessor (mineral) – either from the soil below or the Sun above.

The fourth form to emerge was Animal. Animal is a combination of all of its predecessors – Spirit, Mineral and Vegetable – and was the final step of the evolutionary journey of the physical World.

The Creation of the Human Form

The Animal kingdom eventually gave birth to Humankind. This was the last step in the journey to today’s World. Humankind therefore stands on the edge of Creation itself. The frontier of our constantly evolving Universe.

We are literally built from the three preceding elements on this evolutionary path – Spirit, Mineral and Vegetable.

Spirit runs through us and surrounds us. It is the unseen force of the Universe and is the Prima Materia (the primary, first material).

Mineral sustains us. It is the chemical composition that runs deep in the physical World and what the Human body relies on to function.

Vegetable gave birth to Animal (our current form). It explains why we require organic matter to survive – and why we literally share our DNA with the vegetable kingdom.

By understanding our beginnings we can reconnect to the Divine Kingdom and Spirit. We can, if we allow our consciousness to expand, reconnect to God – our true beginnings. The Great Cosmic Mind…

Alchemy & The Philosopher’s Stone (Lapis Philosophorum)

‘Alchemy’ is the ancient, fabled ability to turn lesser metals (such as lead) into gold.

‘Adepts’ are those who study such practices in the hope that they can replicate such fables and, as a result, secure their material fortune.

This version of ‘alchemy’ (scientific alchemy) is a lie. It weeds out those who seek monetary fortune and puts them on an circular path that has no end.

Real alchemy (spiritual alchemy) is about spiritual enlightenment. Ascension to a higher plane of consciousness through a lifetime of dedication and inner reflection.

However, the terminology used in ‘scientific alchemy’ is SYMBOLIC – and can be used as a METAPHOR in the process of understanding and pursuing spiritual alchemy. A knowledge of that terminology, however, is not essential to gain spiritual enlightenment.

The ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ (Lapis Philosophorum).

The Philosopher’s Stone is the holy grail of Alchemists. However, it isn’t a 3-dimensional, material object in the traditional sense. Instead, the Philosopher’s Stone is a form of energy that is physically intangible. It can exist in different forms – for instance a FEELING or THOUGHT that requires healing through inner reflection and inner spiritual work. THIS is the task of the true spiritual Adept.


The journey of the Spiritual Alchemist (the Spiritual Adept) is guided by the ancient Alchemical acronym – V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

It is used for a Latin phrase:

‘Visita Interiorem Terrae. Rectifando Invenies Operae Lapidem’

The translation for this is:

‘Go down into the bowels of the Earth. By distillation find the STONE for the work’.

This refers to the process through which the Adept (the Spiritual Alchemist) identifies the Philosopher’s Stone. As already explained, the ‘Stone’ is the part of the individual’s Spirit (thoughts, feelings etc) that is ‘damaged’ and requires work to heal it.